Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank God it's Friday - The Inaugural strip

Ok, I know it's not Friday but you have to start somewhere right ?

I decided to start a weekly comic strip, which is odd since I know horseshit about drawing and stuff. But with a site like Strip Generator who needs drawing skills ? :D

The strip's name is called "Thank God it's Friday" which is also the name of the novel I'm working on. I'm not sure how good this is going to get but feedback - good or bad -will be highly appreciated.

This week's strip touches on the "textbook controversy" that I blogged about a couple of days ago.

And with that I proudly present the first strip of "Thank God it's Friday" :


Alex Mcone said...

Whoops ... cant get the size right. You can click on it to get the full sized strip .

If anyone can give me a couple of hints on how to correct this I'd be real grateful !

carlos said...

You need more space. Get a better template at

sudhra Karthikeyan harikrishnan vanniyar said...

வன்னியர்கள் திருட்டு தேவேடிய பசங்க.பண்ணி மெய்ய்கும் பொறம்போக்குகள் இந்த வன்னிய தேவேடிய பசங்கள்.அவனுங்கள் சூத்ர தயோளிகள்