Friday, February 1, 2008

Of Facebooks and the sorts

I joined Facebook today and couldnt understand a thing. I've been using orkut for more than a year now and I guess I got too familiar with its interface. Ahh who knows ... facebook may yet make a believer of me yet.

But honestly hasnt this social networking really peaked yet ? If you're on orkut, your friends are on facebook and if you get there then they're on myspace. Its like endless and countless number of these sites and you really dont know which one to go to. I still remember asking an old friend of mine if she was on orkut and she said no, she was on Tagged and that that was the latest fad going on.

Fad ? I thought this thing was to to connect friends and like minded people; not the latest summer collection.

Oh well, who am I to complain ? I started networking with a real nice site called hi5 which by the way looks like a traversty now. I was forced out of it by someone who thought I was trying to hook up ! (If that someone is reading this, you know I'm talking about you) And then I came to blore, signed up on orkut and have resisted every attempt (read: invitation emails) to convert.

So why now ? :D There's someone on facebook I'm trying to find. Heh heh heh.

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