Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of neighbors

I have a headache.

We have thin walls. Enough said. As I type this, a kid downstairs has been locked in a room which unfortunately seems to have some sort of ventilation connection to the room in which I am currently sitting. The kid is screaming his vocal cords out so hard that he has to cough for five minutes before he resumes. And this has been going on for thirty minutes.

Now you know why I have a headache.

Kids will always be kids. I totally get that. But what do you do when the parents are equally bad ... maybe worse ? When we shifted here we got wind of a few complaints lodged with the landlord from the residents. Apparently they didnt like the fact that bachelors were coming in. Sure we drink, we smoke and we come in at ungodly hours; but for the love of all that is beautiful we do NOT create the racket they make.

The above-mentioned kid screaming is bad. His mom screaming is worse! That woman has a horrible voice and when she starts to scream she sounds like a crazy hypothermic woman getting laid over and over again. What good is screaming at your kids going to do ? Give him a stern look or punish him or her for something they've done but screaming is not going to help. All its going to do is make the kid think that screaming is the solution to every problem.

Oh but this is just the beginning. The family next door has a couple who are constantly at each other's throat. The sort of language that comes out of these two is unbearable to say the least. And believe me with the sort of language V, K and me use with each other : thats saying something. Not to mention that their fights usually occur at around 7 in the morning. Talk about an effective alarm clock.

The people above are almost invisible. I am yet to see them, but I can hear them constantly. They seem to have something to do with coins. Every half hour you'll hear them drop a ton of them. Are they counting it or are they having some sort of wierd sex game with coins; I may never know. But I can assure you ... coins falling on the floor at regular intervals are among the worst sounds you can possibly fathom.

So there you have it: Kid and crazy mom downstairs; foul mouthed couple to my left and coin creatures up above me. The best neighbors you can ever wish for.

Where the f**k is Siberia and how do I get there ?


Shirley said...

Ditto! I have very young kids too and kids will be kids but mine go to bed at 8PM. My neighbors on the other hand at 2AM w/ all the screaming and screetching and after knock on the door numerous times It gets really annoying.

Alex Mcone said...

How old are these kids ?

Veronica said...

I rent duplex, the houses are separated by like 10 feet, but the walls are paper thin. The owners who live behind us assume we wake when they do, as they send there 4 yr old to play outside my window at 7 am, not only does he kick his ball into my wall but he cries constantly loudly, noone even comes to check why he is crying since he does it so much. There giant smelly dogs who no one grooms like to scratch their selves on my walls because they have so many rashes. So that is a nice sound at all hours of the night, I sometimes think it is an earthquake. I guess that is better than there constant barking. Oh and you should here the mom and teenage daughters who have horrible scary voices and like to scream everything they say at each other. Oh and there alarm clock that rings and rings and rings that manages to wake me at 6 am, but not them. They also leave there porch light on all night long and it shines right into my room. We can't afford to move so we are screwed for now, hopefully our new baby on the way can sleep through the noise.

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