Friday, May 23, 2008

Of Reality TV

When they came out, people were like ooooh and aaaah! I remember the first reality show I saw : Survivor. I never really got the point of it. What did they try to accomplish other than TV ratings and ad money ? A moral statement that said humans dont blend so well under harsh circumstances ? I gotta tell you ... that's nothing new.

Why was everyone so goo goo gaa gaa over reality shows ? The news channel is a true reality show. No one drools over that ? No, people seem to have an affection to shows where people's characters are either ripped apart or showered in gold. Put in a celebrity or two and you've got big dollars in revenue. There isn't a decent sitcom or show that you can honestly sink into. Why ? Because everyone wants be an idol or a superhero or the last person to come out of a house.

A couple of days ago I was watching an Indian reality show. I dont remember the channel, it was either 9x or Sony. Anyhoo, the contestants were children and they were required to dance their way to glory. The anchors were people I have never seen before and the judges included Raveena Tandon (who still looks gorgeous, by the way) and two others who, again, I have no idea. When it came to the elimination, the audience decided to vote out a pair who had been lavishly praised and honestly to me looked talented.

I have no idea why they were voted out, but the audience looked like they were least interested and maybe, just maybe they had voted randomly on the unfortunate pair. The kids were crying like hell and I dont blame them. They're young and they had to cope with failure at a very tender age.

The anchors however were bawling too ! The lady anchor was openly crying and the male anchor sits down on the floor with an obviously fake look of devastation on his face. He wipes his eyes periodically but for the love of me I couldnt see any tears coming out of them. And just when you thought he couldnt make it any worse the guy actually starts to sing a sad song!

Oh, for the love of God !

Suffice to say, I switched channels immediately.

Celebrity shows are another thing I cant stand. I did not watch the Paris Hilton show on principle but I did have the misfortune of watching the Paula Abdul show and the Hogan show. The Paula Abdul show was annoying to the core and I just couldnt stand it anymore when she started crying because her assistant forgot to bring her matching shoes to her dress. Really ... how long can you take it when a watch a woman do this all the time:

Woman, get a grip!

And the Hogan show just made me feel really uncomfortable. There is something seriously wrong with that family.

TV guys, if you're reading, please please ... scout for some great sitcoms like Frasier and Seinfield or even Friends but please cut down on the reality shows. You're basically sending the next generation the wrong idea that future TV lies with no soul reality shows.

Believe me, I would not want to live in such an era.


SSB said...

I am so with you. I don't watch reality shows either except Biggest loser. Celebrities kind of annoy me when they cry over something as silly as shoes.

Alex Mcone said...

And yet there are so many who crave for them like it's their fix.

Nice to know there are people out there who can recognize crap when they see it.

BTW - welocme to my blog!

misterDog said...

great commentary! Hilarious. Sad song for the heart broken kiddies!? I don't get that, adds drama I guess.

Anyway, it's an awesome article here, very enjoyable reading. Thanks for putting it up.

Alex Mcone said...

@ misterdog - I guess drama is what they wanted. Imagine that ... fake tears in a REALITY show. Crazy people.

Thanks for the visit!

Missy Ricco said...

"reality" shows are usually so far from reality - I'm not sure why our pointless fascination. Something about identifying with the characters or such clap-trap.
I think we just love seeing others humiliated and degraded somewhat. Makes people feel better about their own stinking lives.

Alex Mcone said...

As much as I would want to say that no ... we are not so heartless ... I know you, missy ricco, speak the truth.