Saturday, May 3, 2008

Of Kareena and Size Zero

Know what, there's been a lot of sad emotions going through this blog for quite some time now. I think it really needs a good facelift. And what better way to do that than with a nice healthy rant !

Now, I normally dont do celebrities but I just have to on this particular topic.

The media has been going goo-gaa over the fact that Kareena has become a size zero. For those of you who dont know, Kareena is a top Bollywood actress (images later) who recently acted in a box-office dud called "Tashan". In this movie she wears a lime green bra that seems to have bowled over everyone's mind. If she really is a size zero I DO NOT want to see her in that lime green bra ever again !

Ok, here's prespective because images are way better than words in such a case:

This is Kareena, voluptuous, sexy and absolutely delicious in Don.

This is Kareena, famished, looking like she might just faint and her RIBS showing in Tashan:

This is what the glorious people over at MSN India had to say about the above pic :

She has not looked so hot on screen ever before. She is surely making heads turn with her image makeover and personal life.

Here's something I'd like to say to the MSN India dickheads: a majority of us guys like girls with meat on her bones. We would prefer not feeling her endoskeleton in bed.

Now there are a lot of teenage girls already gaping at what many concieve is going to be the latest fad in women fashion. If you are one of those teenage girls then here's something to ponder about. As freakishly scary Kareena looks in that absolutely wierd picture that is NOT size zero.

This is size zero:

If anyone thinks the above pic is not that bad ... here's some more food for thought. The two girls in the above pic are Uruguayan size zero models. They're names are Eliana and Louisel Ramos. They're sisters. They're also dead ... both from malnutrition.

Dead. Ok ? That's the danger when you try going Size Zero. You can end up DEAD!

Ladies, please keep your curves on. They are way more sexier than ribs ... and they are absolutely cute. So please go ahead, grab a burger and believe me : no one wants to see you as a size zero.


jj said...

getting a size zero makes you a zero is it?

I can see many gals heaving a big sigh of relief after this post... yet many would starve themselves to death!
All this media frenzy and fads... ufff

Alex Mcone said...

No, not a zero. It makes you a freak ... :D

And yes, the media has gone nuts. There are people starving and they have a special on Kareena's flat tummy.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

YES! As a bodacious size 36DD...I think curves are MUCH sexier than bones! :) But I do worry about the effect the media has on our developing girls' minds and bodies.

Pentad said...

Her face is gorgeous. Hey! Thanks to those guys that don't mind a little meat on the curves. Heh.

Alex Mcone said...

Pentad - I do hope you're talking about her face when she was pre-thin.

Olga - 36DD ? Heh heh hehhhh ... are you single ?

Anonymous said...

Im a size 0 and I wear a 32D bra (natural) and I eat hamburgers - and dont work out. I do yard work and walk alot - and eat alot. So fat girls stop hating - youre just as bad as people telling YOU to LOSE weight. How about just saying healthy?? huh? My doctor says im in the middle of what is considered the most healthy weight at 5'5" and 119 pounds. You think im gonna DIE caus im a size 0? Maybe of laughter. The health/weight correlation is based off of body composition not weight alone. Google it. Its common knowledge.

bona fide said...

Thanks Nicola!
I'm a size zero too and never tell fat people to loose weight. Obese people die too just as too thin people but you can't assume thin people are malnourished.
Just simply looking into history would show size zero at one point was considered size 10 and normal. Think of those tiny thin grannies we see they probably were around that size at a younger age too and theyre not dead or malnourished.

And just for the record, I have a nice ass (Slight ghetto booty!) and 28E boobs. Also natural, and despite how it sounds they are in perfect proportion to my body.
My doctor says I'm a little underweight but Im also built more like an asian woman (also only 5"1) which means basing my weight on the average black or white woman would be somewhat incorrect. I am healthy in all of my doctors eyes. And I consume 4,000 calories on a NON-hungry day...