Friday, March 21, 2008

Of absolutely nothing

First a few updates. If you're listening to music right now thats because I put in a playlist widget that has some of my favorite tracks. If you dont like the music you're hearing scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn it off. :)

I've begun writing again. Oh right I didn't mention this earlier. I'm a writer ... have been since I was nine years old when I wrote my first story about Tom and Jerry. Over the years I've written lots of short fiction; some of which were published on a writing forum called Strange Minds. Sadly this site is now under renewal so you wont be able to read my stories.

I've been grappling with writers block for over a year but this time I have a fully etched story in my mind and hopefully that will get me back on track. I will be posting the stories on my other blog which is inactive as of now. Also I'm working on a movie blog which will roll out sometime next month. Again, something I didnt mention before is that I'm a scathing film critic. Just ask V and K, they never want to watch a movie with me since I speak my mind quite clearly and loudly. Infact once I was so disgusted with a Bollywood movie that I just stood up and hurled Urdu curses at it. I was promptly thrown out by the ever alert attenders.

Oh, I've also put in a map widget which tells me where the readers of this blog come from. I have to tell you, its quite surprising when you see hits from places like Fujisawa, Japan and some village in Yemen. Even more surprisingly I had a visitor from Kabul today. If you're the reader from Kabul, may your beautiful country be rebuilt as soon as possible, may you live a long peacefule lives and may those Talib bastards never bother you again. Unless you are one of those Talib bastards which would mean that I'm probably marked for death.


Speaking of Afghanistan, did you know that they are die hard fans of Bollywood movies? Yeah, they dont like Hollywood so much but the they'll swear by some yesteryear Bollywood bigshots like the Big B and Dharmendra.

Oh and do you who else are huge fans ? Iraqi's. Unbelieveable huh? Its true. When I was in Abu Dhabi I used to see lots of Iraqi's rent Bollywood movies to watch with their families. I really dont get that. Some of the Arabic movies are really good with some exemplary performances but they seem to quite at home reading the Arabic subtitles of an over the top Bollywood flick. Keep in mind that this was during the crazy nineties of the Bollywood era. You remember the nineties dont you, when the actors performed aerobics during the dance sequences ?

Ok, well if you're not familiar with that era let me warn you. Do not rent any nineties movie, particularly the early nineties. Now if you're that adamant I'll give you a gist of what every movie would have at that point of time. There would be a hero, his lady love and then the villain. The start of the movie would have some cheesy comedy, a love story, a bit of drama in the middle (tears and dramatic dialogues) and some wham-bam action scenes at the end which would result in the villain's death. Now if it was directed or pened by some sadist you'd probably witness the death of the hero or the lady love too. There. Thats around 5000 movies of the nineties right there.

Of course Bollywood is all different now. The trend is the be different. And they're overdoing it to the point that the "different" stories are now a whole load of crap they expect you to believe. Oh and if they cant find any "different" stories, well they'll just lift it off from other movie industries. At first these sorry saps blatantly copied Hollywood themes, but now since Generation X has got brains in their heads, they're copying other regional movies like Korea and Japan. Yeah right, like we'll never know. Suckers.


Its Good Friday as well as Holi. So if you're in India you're going to see a lot of people running around with colored powder in their hands, throwing it at each other. Quite a fun sight. You get some color on your face and you get to meet some girls. The other way around if you're a girl.

Lately I've been entertaining thoughts about going back to the UAE. I havent decided yet but one thing that bothers me is the URL of this blog. It wouldnt be "Live from Bangalore" if I were posting from Dubai would it ? I wonder if I can change that.


Oh, and here are a few really great blogs that I've read over the past few months:

"The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely" : Caution: if you dont like crude sexual humor you're not going to like this. On the other hand if you've liked the Flashman Chronicles you're going to love this blog. This guy writes fabulously.

"" : An inactive blog ranting about technology. Read the post where the author encounters a Nigerian scamster. Absolutely hilarious.

"The Offended Blogger" : Again, offensive humor. So enter at your own discretion. Again a tremendous feat of writing. The author has has me in splits with every post!

"Shirley the Republican" : This is one crazy woman. Extreme left wing conservative. (I think I said that right. Tell me if I'm wrong.) Read her posts, you'll be fuming within the hour. That is of course if you and I have the same mentality. I fumed up the first few times I visited but now I just laugh out loud at her posts.

And I also found a great social networking site for bloggers called Blog Catalog. Great place for bloggers to hang out. I spend most of the time on the internet there. Great community, great people and some great blogs. If you havent joined, I'd suggest you do.

I'm on the lookout for some nice Indian blogs. If any of you readers know of one or have an Indian blog, let me know.

I guess thats it for now. Until the next post, happy Holi and happy Easter !


Lord Likely said...

Many thanks for the praise heaped upon my (well-deserving) shoulders. You clearly have impeccable taste.

Happy holiday!

theoffendedblogger said...

Well, I am so NOT offended that you mentioned me!! I appreciate it and I am so happy that I make you smile, you are now my #1 fan hehe. :D

Tamera Daun said...

Like the music. Good luck with your writing endeavors.

Tejwani Gupta said...

Alex, you should visit if you would want to check Indian Blogs.