Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Of why its not cool to be a guy anymore

So we're planning to go to Goa early next month. I'm awfully excited; I've never been there. The beaches are supposed to be heaven and from what I've heard it sounds like the best place to disconnect yourself from the world.

But then again, reality always comes crashing down. And it did on Goa.

First, this happens. A couple of weeks later; this happens.

Dang it !! You confounded sexually frustrated MORONS !!!

I'll tell you how this is going to affect our plans. Goa is a state that thrives on tourism. Millions of tourists land here every year. When things like this happen on a frequent scale, a lot of tourists are not going to bring themselves or their children here. No tourist driven economy wants that to happen. So what they'll do is beef up their security. BIG TIME.

Now along comes a group of guys, in their mid-20's to relax and take time off from everyday pressure. The tourists that come to Goa, especially the families, are going to look at these young boys with a certain amount of suspicion. Well, who can blame them ? One wrong move and we can be arrested. A vacation in paradise could very well be nightmare in hell.

Isn't that a bit over the edge, you ask ? Maybe. Maybe not.

You see, these things are pretty frequent in India. And since it happens a lot a girl has every right to be apprehensive of a boy because some of them just cant keep their hands to themselves ! Who takes the fall for it ? The guy who's genuinely nice. Try smiling at a girl: 70 percent guaranteed failure. Try buying her flowers: you'll hear from her father and he's not calling to discuss marriage. Try expressing your feelings: slap on the face. Hell, try the simplest, most harmless gesture: trying to talk to a girl and all you'll be met with is a fearful reproach. A guy with genuine intentions just cant survive!

Which is why I cannot stand people who go around groping like their lives depended on it. My sympathies to the victims as I can understand the mental anguish (having had such an encounter on a public bus; but that's another story) but these bastards are hurting us too. Its's because of these nincompoops that we now have to be "politically correct" in everything we say to female colleagues in the office. It's because of these no-brain twits that we have no right to a healthy flirt. It's because of these testosterene driven numbskulls that a look interepreted the wrong way can land you a sexual harrasement lawsuit.

Tell you the truth, I've had enough of taking the fall for them. I cant even talk to a girl while they can go around and do as they please. I am so fed up that I dont even want to think about how this may be averted or how they turn out to be so.

Take them to a shed, line them up against a wall and please, shoot their f***king brains out.

Thank you.


sandeep said...

full marks to u ... and cudnt agree more!

CharmaineZoe said...

Yup, it's always the anti social and selfish bastards that make life so difficult for the decent majority. I'm with you all the way on this one:-)